the test for PLL is now avaliable, ANYONE who is going to purchase a pup should INSIST that they have the results for this test prior to any money paid for a pup. There is no longer any excuse to charge large sums of money for a pup with no guarantee on eye result potential. We will have pups avaliable at the end of this year after we have done the PLL test and know what the status of each pup will be prior to placement. We have done 2 breedings prior to the DNA test for PLL was avaliable. We hope for good results, but will have avaliable all results prior to placement of any pups. As of now, we will not breed until we have tested potential breeding pairs. We will NOT do any breeding that could result in potential affected/at risk pups. We are waiting for our test kits to arrive so we know what the potential for each dog in our breeding program will be prior to our decision to do a breeding. Our Stud dogs will be avaliable to qualified bitches if they pass the DNA requirements for PLL, as well as other health testing. All pups born prior to avaliability of the DNA testing will be tested and placed accordingly. We will not destroy (cull) any pups because of the potential of future eye issues, we will be responsible for what we have produced and keep these pups and love them, even if they are not perfect and may have future health issues with their eyes. With the test now avaliable we can now no longer worry about any pups that may become affected/at risk with a strict breeding program. As we have said on our puppy page, we want forever homes for our dogs.

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