My involvement with showing dogs started in the early 1970’s with Eloise and Roger Montserrat helping them to lay tracks for their Australia Kelpies. Their Kelpies, Peter and Pauline were the first male and female Australian Kelpies to gain their tracking titles in the US. They also got me involved with obedience, helping them in the utility classes and also helping their friend in obedience with her Newfoundland’s. 

Willie Ray 9 months old

In 1976, I was able to get a Doberman, a breed that I had wanted from the very beginning. She had no papers, was not well bred and not very correct in conformation, but I loved her and she had an incredible temperament! I decided at that time that I wanted well bred, good temperaments and sound dogs. Over the years I imported several Dobermans and until today I still have a Doberman or two, occasionally breeding and showing them. I will always have at least one Doberman and my love for the breed has never faded.
In the early 80’s I had a white standard Bull terrier male, absolutely loved that boy. I saw my first Miniature Bull Terrier and that was it. Everything that the standard Bull Terrier had in a smaller package! I had to have one!

I married Reid in 1991, he isn’t into the dog show stuff at all. But he is very supportive of me and my obsession. He adores the mini bulls and our kennel name is actually his name spelled backwards! We got our first mini bull, a little brindle and white bitch from English imports. We called her “Nicky” and she later became Champion Batteries Not Included. She loved shows and did very well. At 4 years old she developed PLL in her right eye and the following year in her left eye. She was spayed because of the eye issues and never had any pups. I was ready to give up with the heartbreak of the loss of our girl as the foundation for our breeding program.

I spent the next year researching and trying to figure out how we could start over. I decided to go to Australia. We have been blessed over the years to have had help from 3 wonderful breeders in Australia to create our foundation. While we haven’t been problem free it is our goal to try to move into that direction. This will be a lifetime of work and always a work in progress. In the end it’s all about the dogs, and what wonderful little dogs they are! We have been very blessed with the homes our pups have gone to and I can never thank each and every one of them for their love and commitment to their dogs. We will continue to try to do the very best we can with our breeding program, with all of the ups and downs and everything in between……..

We are part time licensed commercial fishermen (yes really, I LOVE it) really hard work!! And have been fairly successful with it. It is my second obsession after the dogs <smile>.

03/15/08 Mahimahi

517 pound Pacific Blue Marlin

517 pound Pacific Blue Marlin

05/24/2008 Ono